anna.lakomiakMy name is Ania, I am 27 years old. I was born in the city of Tarnowskie Góry in the Polish region of Silesia.

The story of my "other" life started after the last summer holidays in 2013. It was a hot summer, each day seemed unbearable. However after a change of the weather I didn't feel better.

I visited my GP, who recommended a set of tests and scans, among others a chest X-ray. The diagnosis based on this X-ray was pleural mesothelioma…and this set off the entire diagnostic machine…on October 11, 2013 I received my histopathology. It said "cancer" – mesothelioma of the pleura, a malignant cancer, the prognosis was poor. It is a very rare condition. Only approximately 200 cases are diagnosed in Poland every year, that's why there isn't a lot of research going on, which results in few effective treatment methods.

In November 2013 part of my pleura was removed, however only a small part of the tumor could be removed. Then I started standard treatment at the Oncology Center in Warsaw, where I underwent four chemotherapy courses. This took its toll on me and took me out of my regular life. The treatment applied, available as standard of care, is purely palliative in nature. Currently further chemotherapy is not indicated, it will not help me, as they say…and it could "discourage" me even more.

The only hope of finding a cure for me is experimental methods, that are not reimbursed by the National Health Fund. This treatment is however very expensive and exceeds my financial capacity. I want to fight as hell and until now, I've been doing a good job not to give up :))) I would like to use experimental forms of treatment that are the only option that would give me a chance to recover.

My hope is the Houston Clinic, which gives me a chance for complete recovery. The targeted therapy used there is based on the most modern drugs that destroy cancer cells by influencing genes that are the reason behind the condition. Genetic tests cost 5000 USD. The cost of treatment is between 20,000 and 35,000 USD in the first month. Each subsequent month is a cost of 10,000 to 20,000 USD. The average treatment period is 6-12 months. For me these amounts are simply out of this world.

I would like to thank my family, friends and colleagues for their love and support they provide on the path that I have to walk A great thank you also goes out to those that I do not know and have never even met, which does not prevent them from supporting me with their prayers.

If you can help me, I'd be enormously grateful for every penny you can donate and that brings me closer to my goal 

Even your smallest contribution is enough, an equally small contribution from your friends, the friends of your friends and…WE'RE THERE 

You can make a donation for Ania's treatment to the bank account number of the Fundacja Onkologiczna Osób Młodych Alivia (Youth Oncology Foundation Alivia) provided under her photo – please be sure to mark the transfer as "DAROWIZNA NA PROGRAM SKARBONKA – ANNA ŁAKOMIAK 10079" (DONATION FOR THE PIGGYBANK PROGRAM – ANNA ŁAKOMIAK 10079).


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